My Position As A Greenspace Director

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Goal Statement and Purpose JC Hines UACM I have long had a proclivity for teaching. When my sister and I were barely past brushing baby teeth age, we would snuggle down in one of our twin beds and I would read her Agatha Christie and Judy Bloom books that I loved. I would often give her “quizzes” and help her learn new vocabulary words. As I grew older, teaching came naturally to me; teaching swimming and arts and crafts to summer campers, snowboarding to 7th graders, and most recently, how to grow an amazingly delicious tomato to fellow veggie lovers and school kids. When I go to a school to teach a workshop or plants veggies with students there is always this desire mixed with curiosity mixed with excitement to be in a classroom, surrounded by curious minds, where I am the guide to a fun, learning adventure. The last five years of my professional life have been spent working in agriculture, greenspace and nonprofit management. My position as a Greenspace Director has taken me to many underserved communities where food security can be an issue for some of Atlanta’s youngsters. Watching them gain the knowledge of growing, learning about food and nourishment, and how delicious the crisp watery bite of a cucumber off the vine, is part of the amazement I get to experience. Often in these places a bag of Cheetos is more coveted than a vine ripe tomato. Naturally, when I experienced this, my thought (and my current driving force) is: “I want to make a difference here.

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