My Professional Profile Essay

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After taking the StrenghtsQuest and the Holland Interest Inventory I have realized a lot of points that I’ve never realized before. I have realized there are certain things that I did know about but I just never justified the interest in knowing about it. After much consideration I’m honestly not sure if my career that I’m looking into is really what is going to fit my profile. I’m going to tell you my top three scores from the Holland Interest Inventory and the top five StrengthsQuest. I took the Holland Interest Inventory first and my top three characteristics that match me are Social, investigative, and Realistic. Starting with the social characteristic, it completely demonstrates me because I love being with people and I have great …show more content…

I know that I’m physically strong and I have very aggressive behavior most of the time. I have many goals that are economical because I plan on trying to change the world someday with all I’ve got. I’m mostly stable, shy, practical, and also athletic. I love sports only because I am able to let out all of the stress that comes with my life most of the time such as running for hours. It says that I would “rarely perform creatively in the arts or sciences.” Those were probably the worst subjects I had to take in my whole school career and I never will be able to get a good score in those classes. Now when it comes to the StrengthsQuest it fits me perfectly to what I thought my description was. The first one that I had was adaptability. With this I’m the type of person that goes and takes things day by day. I hate to think about the future unless I have something good that I know is going to come out of it for sure. I also discover new things that are going to happen in the future every day. I also love to just go do something and seize the moment while it lasts. I can potentially be not only spontaneous but very mellow and lay back at the same time. I tend to not like to go days by a schedule and do things the way that they come to me at the beginning of the day. I feel that this is one strength that I completely see myself as. Deliberative is

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