My Reading And Writing History

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My Reading and Writing History pt.1
Just like with many aspects of myself many things helped in the contribution of my reading and writing skills. It was a bit difficult in the beginning learning to read and write in English since I learned to read and write in Spanish first. Both languages being pretty similar kind of screwed me up as a child so it took me longer to learn to read and write in English. Which in turn is why I was put in the ELD for many years. I did eventually test out of it before starting middle school, but that’s when my dislike for reading and writing started. Being in those programs they made us read and write even more than the normal students would. I would think now that all that work should have made me better at reading and writing but in turn it made me resent those very things and not any better at them. Another thing that made it worse was my family status, things in my home were complicated to say the least, but the way I was affected academically was because neither of my parents really cared for my education, so I was never made to read or write at home. Those two main things are where my dislike for both things originated. Since I never thought they were important other than to just get a grade in a class. All these things helped contribute to the type of reader and writer that I am today.
The main people that have shaped me as a reader and writer today were teachers since I got no help at home. From what I have noticed however from k-12th…
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