My Reading Goal: The Forgotten Garden By Kate Morton

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At the beginning of the school year, I set a reading goal for myself for the first quarter. This goal was definitely attainable for me, but I knew I would have to put some effort into it. My independent reading goal was to read over 480 pages and to read a book by an author I had never read. This goal did challenged me in a way where I knew I would have to make myself read even when I didn’t want to, but it was not a goal that challenged me a ton. I believe that this was a good first quarter goal, but I look to build on it over the course of the year. A novel that I read this quarter was “The Forgotten Garden” by Kate Morton. The author of this novel does an amazing job of painting a picture in your mind. While reading “The Forgotten Garden”, I was able to really understand what was happening because of the vivid details. Before reading this novel, I had never heard of Kate Morton. After reading just one of her books, it makes me want to read more of them. She is an author that makes it easy to read but at the same time makes you focus on what you are reading. …show more content…

Throughout this novel, Kate Morton wrote from three different points of view. I enjoyed this because it was different than any other book I had ever read before. I may have enjoyed reading this style, but it was not easy for me to read. I really had to put effort in to keeping each part of the story straight and realizing what time period it is in. This quarter I read only one novel, but I also read many news articles online. These articles were different than reading a novel and gave me a variety of reading material. All of these articles were non-fiction, which is good for me to read so I do not get into the habit of reading only fiction

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