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Overall, this semester has gone well for me in English 2260 because of my prior experience learning about late 19th early 20th century literature in high school. Coming from a school with an extremely challenging English department, I feel prepared to take on college literature courses. I have developed in my narration analysis as it was something I didn’t go in depth back in high school. In my early daily assignments, I usually wrote a sentence about the narration, such as in To Build a Fire. I then usually go on my own tangent about what I wanted to talk about in the story. Now, I am better at objectively answering the question. The daily assignments force me to take every story seriously. In the past, I would just read the story to read the story, but now I am forced to take notes, think about the narration, and analyze character relationships during story. Usually, I would do this in class the next day and I would get lost. Now, I feel like I can engage in class, which further advances my ability to analyze literature. Even though I didn’t objectively answer the question, my daily writing on Editha helped me get engaged in the class that day where I was helping lead the discussion. Usually, I am a sit back and listen type of literature student. This helped me gain a better understanding of the story, and what the author was trying to portray. I feel like I got ahead of myself early on because I had prior knowledge of modernist writers as I referred to them early in

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