My Senior Year Of High School

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My senior year of high school was really lonely. I had gotten into a drama filled fight with my closest friends at the end of junior year, so my senior year I was voted off the friendship island and outcasted. Sure, I probably could have attempted to fix things, but I was stubborn and insisted on isolation rather than forgiveness. It was a really hard year for me emotionally between losing some great friends and the idea of college in the back of my mind. Who was I going to be? Where was I going to go? Would I ever make anymore friends? It seemed many of my classmates were busy making memories with their friends as our high school days were dwindling down, memories they would remember forever and there I sat hidden in the background, admiring from afar. It broke my heart, and to be honest with you... it just really sucked. I tried my best to make the most of it. I spent a lot of time that year with my nose in a book. It was my own unique way of making memories that year with no one else except myself and some truly memorable characters. I was browsing the dusty shelves throughout the school library one afternoon, stopping once in a while to take in the smell of old, musty pages. I came across something new, something different, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I had never read any type of fantasy novel, but for some reason this goofy looking kid on the cover really caught my attention. I had seen some of the movies when I was younger and thought they were pretty

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