My Sister Essay

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When I was 10 years old I realized I must have been cloned. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and any other descriptive word in the universe I could not be more like my sister. First with the obvious similarities hair and eye color along with skin tone and height. In all fairness i'm quite alike to all my family members more my sister than anyone. There are many occasion that will express the likeness between us but here are just a few. In one occasion I found one trait that correctly signified me and my sisters similarities. The Christmas eve night started out as most did in the past, me and my sister tried to stay up past midnight, but this year was different we actually did it. “What do you want to watch!” my sister asked “Lets …show more content…

As we do every year each family member has to buy each person a gift and if that person does not like the gift the they can return it. “Come on” my mom yelled to me to come and open my present. As I opened the first gift it was from my father. “Thanks” I said in an unforgiving tone as fathers give the worst gift and on I went to the next gift. This gift was from my Mom. “Wow” this gift is pretty good I thought. And on to the last person My sister she always gives me the best gifts as she knows me the best as were around each other 24/7. I opened the gift anticipating for something great and it was. It was a new case that I had been wanting also a golden corral gift card also something I had been wanting for a while. “How did you know that I wanted this I haven’t told anyone that I had been looking at it?” I asked my sister. “You do know that I have lived with you my whole life right?” she replied back She always knows what I want I thought while also “drooling” over the new case that I got along with the gift card In this last occasion it was me writing this paper. In all fairness I wasn't originally going to choose my sister because I didn’t think we had that many similarities or differences then any. Until I began writing the essay. As i'm writing I realizes many of our differences are actually similarities in a way. For example the many disagreements that we have actually make us similar because it shows we

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