My Statement Of Purpose As A Mechanical Engineering

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(Just an example…….The Paris Climate Accord of limiting rise of global to 2 degree C strikes fear and inspire my desire to contribute to this effort in my ambition as a Mechanical engineer.) Lhe serious demand of clean sustainable energy has led to inventions such as Tesla electrical cars which are on par performance-wise with petrol-powered vehicles in addition to their immense scale down on harmful emissions. This is the aspiration that all engineers need to have, which is the desire to create something more versatile and closer to that of an ideal device. Not relevant to building power bank (At secondary school, I developed an interest in both Mathematics and Physics. Always curious, I would read ahead to see the next stage of our learning.) …show more content…

It allowed me to experience the role a leader plays and how important it is to bring people together. I have learnt that sometimes decisions are not as easy to make because we need to take into account many factors before coming to a consensus which if not will lead to inability of the event to succeed in the future. Besides leading that society, I am involved in various types of sports such as representing my school in tennis and engaging in table tennis, badminton and swimming. Personally, balancing academic performance with athletic performance is crucial for an all rounded person as it is critical when they are working in the future which definitely will not only rely on table …show more content…

I look forward to the experience of living abroad and interacting with people of a variety of culture and backgrounds. Final paragraph: A chance to study in your university allows me to experience life living abroad and interact with people from various culture and backgrounds. It also offers a great support to building a solid foundation for my career as a mechanical engineer. This aligns with my aspiration to make Malaysia a better country by contributing my knowledge to society/__industry at

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