My Statement Of Purpose: My Philosophy Of Physics

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In Chinese, the meaning of the word for “physics” is the theory for everything, and I think this is the reason why I was enchanted by this subject the moment I learned about it. Physics has been largely satisfying my curiosity about the world since I was a child and it constantly amazes me with the deeper and more fundamental aspects of nature it reveals. Thus, learning physics is always a great joy to me and what I am most passionate about.

Driven by my curiosity and passion for physics , I spend a lot of time outside the class to read ahead. I first started with learning calculus and mechanics with “An introduction to mechanics” by Kleppner. The use of calculus and various mathematical tools like tensor and Taylor expansion in approaching …show more content…

Learning the Maxwell equations make Physics even more attractive to me in a different way which is its elegance and simplicity. With simply 4 equations in symmetrical form (and only 2 kinds of operation), revealing the nature of light as electromagnetic waves and accurately describing its behavior such as reflection, refraction (and thus leading to a great development in technology and social life. ) ((use later)it was fascinating to me how so little could express so much.) How microstates and macrostates are related reveal by thermal physics and statistical physics is also incredibly interesting to me. Starting form definition of entropy to the equipartition theorem and thus (deriving of) the Boltzmann distribution, physics again surprise me by showing how some seemly axiomatic phenomenon like heat flows from hot objects to cold ones are actually a result of statics and probability. ( it is also amazing to me that the ideal gas law could be derived using both classical mechanics and statistical mechanics.) R. Feynman’s lectures also greatly inspire me, with Feynman’s excellent intuitions for physics. One of my favorite example would be how Feynman derived equipartition theorem. He first derives the formula for the

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