What Is The Summary Of The Dancing Lu Li Masters Summary

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Newtonian physics ruled the world from the 17th century until the 20th century. This branch of physics focused on the clear, physical phenomena observed by physicists. However, many of the nuances of physics and natural phenomena could not be explained. As the 20th century began, physicists started asking questions about certain things that classical physics did not have an answer to. This led to experimentation, and new discoveries paved the way for modern physics. Chapter one of “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” gives an overview of modern physics and the journey into understanding energy. It documents the beginning of modern physics and provides insight into quantum mechanics, the composition of light and energy, and the properties of light.
Classical physics failed to provide an explanation for the change in color of an object that accompanies temperature change and why objects glow when they get hot. This motivated Max Planck to experiment and attempt to find the reason for these phenomena. Later, Planck would discover that he was studying black-body radiation, which describes radiation that comes from a completely black surface. Since black does not reflect or emit light, it only can become colored by the addition of heat. Planck observed this, along with a change in the way physicists viewed electrons. Previously, it was believed that excited atoms began to oscillate and radiate energy continuously until stopping. Planck revisited and changed his standards to the belief

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