My Story Of My Life

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Almost everyone has a unique or interesting experience in their lifetime. But I would say mine tops the list. Here’s my story. When I was in my Freshman year in High School, it was quickly approaching Christmas break, and I was feeling excited to be out of school after the difficult semester I had been through. Every year my family and I would travel somewhere for Christmas break. We’d usually go skiing in Red River, New Mexico or would go visit some family members in Chicago. This year we decided to go somewhere different. After we had spent time debating where to go, my mom suggested that we go to Alaska. We all agreed and planned the trip. A week before Christmas, we eagerly boarded our flight to Alaska. The weather in Dallas was cold, but not cold enough for snow. The plane took off around noon and we settled in for our non-stop flight. One hour into the flight we had run out of things to do. So, my brother and I decided to watch It’s a Wonderful Life for the thousandth time. I felt my eyes getting heavy, so I gave in and fell asleep. Suddenly I woke up! I heard the sound of lightning and glanced out the window. The voice of the captain came throughout the plane’s speakers. “Attention, this is your captain speaking. We have a thunderstorm up ahead that we will be flying through. Please make sure your seat belts are fastened and be prepared for upcoming turbulence. We will try to get above the storm as quickly as possible.” I looked at my parents for

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