The Story Of My Story

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What is My Story I definitely owe a huge portion of who I am today to my mom, Elyse Boston. She’s been by my side through everything and has taught me so much about life. My mom played basketball at Kansas State University for four years, so she knows the game like the back of her hand, so when I wanted to play basketball, she decided she would coach. Having my mom as a coach and taking criticism from her at a young age was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do because when we were at practice or playing in a game she wasn’t “mom” she was “coach”. I had to program my brain to always say “okay, coach” instead of “I know, mom.” At first, it was really hard because it felt like every time I made a mistake because she would call me out on it when other girls would make the same mistake and she would just let it go. I didn’t understand why she was so hard on me compared to the rest of my teammates. I would get so frustrated with her and I would roll my eyes sometimes; I learned really quick rolling my eyes was really disrespectful and I eventually learned to break that habit. Now, I’m a college athlete and the last thing I will do is roll my eyes at a coach, teacher, or any adult because my mom taught me how disrespectful that was and I see people roll their eyes and I see how bad that looks and I am so grateful my mom taught me how to be respectful. Even if I had to learn the hard way. I made up phrases that she occasionally reminds me of every now and then and
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