My Strengths In My Writing

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Throughout my journey through English 111, I have learned a lot through all my papers and my writing has opened up within a way I never thought it would. I have many strengths in my papers, but also still have many weakness that I must improve on to be the writer I want to be at the end of this journey. Many pieces I have written this semester, many great ideas put into words that have simply flows onto the keyboard. At the end of the day every paper has it weakness.

When I started to write “A New Road” it was one of my first papers as officially a college student. I was nervous, I had taken a year off college to start to pursue my Military career. I knew I was going to be a little rusty, but that was okay, because I knew as time went along my writing would grow stronger and stronger.

I remember the first sentence that really stuck with me in this piece that I had written. “ Mid way through my journey, I made myself try and forget about home and everything I left behind”. These words are powerful to me it describes my strengths I have as a writer and how I can use my life experiences that I have already faced at such a young age, it brings the reader into my story.

With writing comes great control and being calm in the mind, that is something that helps me calm my thoughts and when you focus on one thing and put everything you have going on, in your head on to a computer or a piece of paper.

Strengths that I have, my words flow and the story I tell people can

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