My Strong Latino Accent Is Important For Our Unique Capabilities That We Have Within Ourselves

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It was one said by Napoleon Hill that, “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” Truly, haven I not experience the many challenges that the year of 2015 had for me, I would probably not have been allowed do growth in areas that I least expected. One particularly challenge that arose in 2015, has been the most emotionally wounded, and yet difficult to embraced; and truthfully I have continuously been in effort to overcome. My strong Hispanic accent is something that I inevitably could not erase however, the various comments that come with my way of verbally expressing has often made me feel insignificant, and incompetent at times. Conversely, with the help of one of my professor at Biola University, I have come to learned that ascents should not diminish our unique capabilities that we have within ourselves. Moreover, I have gained an aspect of being open-minded, and surrounded myself in activities that involved expressing verbally. Truthfully, this particularly challenge made me fruitful personally and professionally. Personally, I have been able to seek areas of improvement and have taken the harsh remarks as a source of motivation to strive to become both a better person and a better scholar. As to the professional aspect, I have learned that often in the professional world individuals may not be of accordance with a certain idea or, they might even seek to discourage ones ideas, but one should not see their comments as a discouragement,

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