My Style Of Writing, One Needs For First Think About A Lab Dissection

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In order to best describe my style of writing, one needs to first think about a lab dissection. My portfolio is a collection of literary imperfections, but, more importantly, it is a good example of one writer’s journey on refining himself and how he analyzes literature. The writings attached show how I got progressively more particular with my writing. Theses documents are good evidence of how my writing grew to become more in-depth and challenging. I tend to take a literary work that I have either read or watched. I focus my writing on the process of scrutinizing the main character. More specifically, I center on their importance to the author and his ability to effectively represent his message.
The first step in a dissection is to examine the species. This is where one gets familiar with what they are working on. In terms of how I write, this is where I tend to take the time to outline and focus specific points in the text that may be valuable to my paper. Formally called a “pre-write”, this is when my paper is in its infantile stage of development. I do not focus on grammar or sentence structure. I am simply gathering ideas from my mind on to paper. Often times, the majority of what I write in this stage will get cut, but it is important that I pull out many different quotes or ideas that may begin to relate in some way. Even though this is a very informal stage of my paper, it is sometimes one of the most time consuming. I will write until I cannot think of anything

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