Final Project Enc-101

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Name: Corey J. Robinson
College ID #: 0387581
Telephone: (201) 304-3812
College and semester: TESC, September 2014
Course code: ENC-101-GS001
Course name: English Composition I

Assignment – Final Project

My personal writing style is invention. When I generate information about a particular subject, I like to leave the reader wanting more. Most often, I write from the vantage point of expressive aim; indeed, I write about personal issues that affect all people on a daily basis. I usually map my rhetorical situation according to the subject matter; interestingly enough, from the perspectives of knowledge by observation and participation. My core audience ranges from high school and college
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Makhanlall, to see where I needed improvement. The essay is written from the perspective of knowledge by participation. In reviewing this essay, I noticed that I needed some sentence improvement in particular areas and went about correcting those areas. In my opening paragraph I failed to properly use a comma. I needed a comma to separate my ideas and better engage the reader; indeed, it has to do with maintaining a proper flow. In the opening of my second paragraph, I realized that I did not adequately utilize a common, and I pluralized “whys” when it wasn’t necessary; if fact, it changed the meaning of the entire subject matter. The third sentence in the same paragraph also needed to be touched up. I began the sentence with “Out of nowhere”, instead of “Then”, in order to express to the reader the feelings of surprise I felt at that time. As I read further into the sentence, I realized that I needed to separate the sentence into two, in order to express the point more effectively. I believed that the essay would be better served if I added another sentence that implemented a bit of ethos. What do you do when confronted with a situation where you fail to understand how you fit into the equation? From there, I went to the conclusion, because I needed to improve my punctuation and eliminate some of the excess verbiage that did not do justice towards finalizing the essay. In reviewing written assignment 3, I…

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