My Success : Challenges And Failure To Success

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Throughout my life I have faced various challenges that have led me to believe that you always have to try, and make an effort. My parents have always told me, as well as expected me to try my best. I personally think that you can accomplish almost anything if you simply put in a good effort and try to overcome obstacles or challenges in life. I have experienced a lot of doubt and pressure in my life. In order to conquer these struggles I have always had to try hard and put in a solid effort. I have experienced so much pressure from my older sister Jessica. She has always been the pretty and athletic one, meanwhile I was known as her little sister. She was very successful in her soccer career with first team All-City and All-Centennial League honors in high school. It was very difficult for me to follow her up, because everyone expected me to be just as good as her and she was such an adept player. She played college soccer at Hutchinson Community College, which had one of the best women’s junior college soccer programs in the state of Kansas. I had always dreamed of playing collegiate soccer, but I never thought that I was skilled enough, especially compared to my sister. I was determined to get my chance at playing college soccer and having my own success instead of just dwelling on hers. I had to put in extra work and try hard to transform myself into a more advanced soccer player. I started going to Rebound for soccer speed training. I learned how to do soccer skills

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