My Time Playing Grand Theft Aut

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I’ve played a lot of different types of games throughout my gaming career and this is one that is definitely in my top 3 of all time. This is a game that I really don’t myself stop playing anytime soon as they keep releasing more downloadable content to go along with the already large amount of replayability. Grand Theft Auto 5 had a lot of hype surrounding its release and I would say that it did indeed live up to the what was expected of it.Grand Theft Auto 5 is a big game in a lot of ways, which starts with a 7.5 gigabyte install before you can before you can do anything. Putting that aside the world is a huge place that Rockstar Games has used to express an ambitious story that always made me want to play “just one more mission”. It is a stunning game with amazing graphics that can and does thing most people would think to be impossible to do on our current generation of hardware.
The story mode in GTA 5 centers around three main characters. Michael, a retired criminal living a life of idle luxury with his dysfunctional family in the higher class region of Los Santos, Franklin a gang banger that grew up in the streets of Los Santos that is desperate to escape the minimal revenue of petty hustling and gang life, and Trevor an old friend of michaels that is a meth dealer, someone that is paranoid of…

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