My Trip To Egypt : My Dreams Of Visiting Egypt

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One day, as I was cleaning up my attic, I looked through a box and found an old photo album. I was curious to see what was inside, it was pictures of my dad and grandfather. As my eyes filled with tears I thought back to when I was younger, my mother would always tell me stories of my dad and grandpa exploring. One story that always stuck with me was when they had gone to Egypt. She would always tell me about the different colors, smells, tastes and sight there and ever since I have always dreamed of visiting there because that is where my father and grandfather died. While they were looking for artifacts, a huge sandstorm came and you could barely see an inch ahead of you. They were trying to get back to the truck when they fell into a hole they had dug searching for artifacts it was over fifty feet deep and they had both fallen to their deaths. My mom was pregnant with me when this happened and I was born five months later and have always wanted to explore. After looking through the photo album something inside of me changed and that when I decided I was going to follow my dreams of visiting Egypt. My mom had always wanted me to follow my dreams and to have experiences and so when I visit Egypt I want to explore the massive pyramids, ride camels, try new foods and have life changing experiences. To start, after I was settled into this delightful hotel. I decided to do what I’ve always dreamed of, exploring the pyramids. So I hopped into my rent a car and drove to the

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