My True Hero

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I don’t know what a hero truly is. I make them up all the time but what is their purpose? To defeat the evil? It’s not that I don’t know there is good people out there but I have never encounter a true hero. I think it’s because I personally have never thought much about it. Today at 2 in the morning I became a hero to myself so I guess now I know one hero. This morning at 12 o’clock I was going to my room to sleep because for the obvious reason of being tired but someone followed me in. Let us call them Jojo, Jojo followed me in because they refuse to allow me to be in my room by myself. They thought I was doing something secretive. I was tired so this was not the case. Jojo and I started to talk and I told Jojo to leave my room but it was as if they were glued to the floor, as if, as always, wanting to make me angry. I try to ignore the fact Jojo was in my room and text my friend instead. Jojo is always so loud and frustrating that I couldn’t handle it so it all came out. I had no censor now, anything I could say I did. Jojo couldn’t look me in my eyes any more, I knew I hurt their feelings to some extent which I didn’t care since that is how I wanted them to feel. Hurt like they hurt me. Jojo couldn’t bring them self to talk about the situation in person they just kept stuttering which made kind of annoyed since they had not gone through and was forced onto this train of anxiety and confusion, they had no right to be lost for words or have trouble blinking away tears. I

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