My Understanding Of Education Level Peace Building Efforts Essay

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I. Introduction
Listening to four women peacemakers, rather peacebuilders, from different countries, cultures and contexts has broadened and, at the same time, challenged my understanding of gender dynamics in conflict context. This reflection essay aims to discuss how these presentations deepened and complicated my understanding of gender. It will mainly focus on Kurshid’s presentations of violent extremism in Pakistan. However, I will also use part of Fatma’s presentation on Western Sahara for the first part of the discussion below.
II. Gender Issues and Perspectives
During the presentations, I came across with numerous issues and points that enriched my understanding of gender. For the purposes of this essay, I will limit myself to the discussion of how the presentations broadened my understanding of gender as social construct; expanded my insight of violence beyond an armed conflict; provided me insight on grassroots level peace building efforts; renewed my faith in the value of education; and challenged my prejudices and provided me with fresh insights and gender perspectives to conflict and peacebuilding.
Gender as a social construct and Conflict a Deconstruction of Gender
Primarily, both Kurshid’s and Fatma’s presentations strengthened my understanding of gender as a social construct. Particularly, Fatma’s presentation on Western Sahara provided a very god example. When most Saharawi men joined the POLISARIO to fight against Morocco, the women who remained in the

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