My Unforgettable Experience with My Family

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Ma. Aleli M. Rustia PSC21 My Unforgettable Experience with my Family This was the moment when we were down, helpless, and totally disappointed after we tried hard to earn a name for our family. This was the moment when my mother and other members of the family tried to console my father to be calm and not to be desperate at all. We advised him also to be positive in everything he does and always believe that there is always sunshine after the rain. This was also the moment of struggling, in search for truth and justice and how we were able to surpass with all our trials in life. It all started when my father was relieved from his post, as the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer (PENRO) of Rizal without any case filed…show more content…
During his early time, he became a scholar at the University of the Philippines taking up advanced courses in Economics. He tried to talk to the RED if he can set aside the order dropping him from the rolls, but the RED was so firm in his decision. My father felt that his constitutional rights were violated, that he was unjustly treated by the higher management. That he was not given fair chance to explain his side and that letters were not sent to him for explanation. To top it all, no administrative measures were exhausted to determine the possible cause of his absences. Again, my father got sick, he was physically and mentally disturbed. He felt he was in great shame as he was morally degraded by the sweeping act of the RED. At this point, my mother and the rest of the family tried to console him. We hired a lawyer through the help of our relatives and friends because my father at that time had no more salary. We tried to make things possible to make both ends meet. My father through his lawyer made a research work and they found out that the RED has no authority to drop employees with salary grade of 24 and above. That it's only the Secretary of the DENR who has the sole authority to do so. It means to say that there was a great negligence on his part as he has no authority to drop my father from the rolls, and maybe because he did not conduct further research on
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