My Values In My Life

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My life are moments that define me as an individual. Just like a main character in movie. The character goes through certain hardships to soon end up in the final scene where they better understand life. Therefore, they approach life in an alternative manner to improve their lifestyle. I compare myself in this sense because I’ve gone through situations that had lead me to look at my life from a different perspective. The only difference from me and a movie character is that my life is real and it doesn’t last approximately 2 hours. Unfortunately, my life won’t resolve itself that quickly I must face my challenges every single day of my life. I plan to do so in an effective manner. My values and dreams originated from my daily experiences.…show more content…
My parents are responsible for me taking charge of my own education, which led me to my path I am on today. Another value I have is honesty. As a child, I always to lied to get things that I wanted. Of course, as time went by I didn’t find the purpose of lying anymore, it was just useless. It also wasn’t helpful to nurture my relationships. I made a pact for myself that I will value honesty with everyone. Getting lied to wasn’t pleasant, so why deliver this act to others. I have become an honest person, it made me value myself more. Honesty has a positive impact in my life unlike lying. My Goals I knew what my major was ever since I started high school. I was dedicated to go to college for nursing. My best friend was kind of the person who inspired me. When her grandfather got, sick I accompanied her on every hospital visit because he was hospitalized for a long period. Most of the time I spent hanging out with my best friend was in hospital room. The environment I was surrounded by nurses and doctors encouraged me to go to college for a career in health care. I will graduate from Phoenix College with my associates in nursing in the year of 2019. I will also graduate from Arizona State University (ASU) with bachelors in nursing in the year of 2020 (I am transferring to ASU in October). My goal between these two graduations is to pass the NCLEX, this exam will certify me to work as a registered nurse.

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