My Views On Sexuality And Its Effect On The Representation Of Masculinity

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I feel there are many works of LGBTQ writing out there that, although innovative for their time, could benefit from being extended with a stronger queer lens. Savin-Williams Memories of Same-Sex Attraction was one of these, although I enjoyed the stories and concepts he brought forward. What I missed, however, was an emphasis on the concept of attraction on multiple levels that extend beyond sexuality and a stronger discussion of the reoccurring traits seen in gay male youth. I know we’ll be touching on homosexuality and masculinity later in the semester, so I will try to avoid breaking into that. Instead I will focus my interests in the idea of attractions and what effects this could have on the representation of masculinity. My goal is to expand my own understanding of the ways in which boyhood is changed through the pressures to conform with a very strict form of attraction. To properly understand my own thoughts I feel I should start by summarizing what I gained from Savin-Williams, as it is the inspiration for my own writing. His writing details the childhoods of gay men whose captivation with boys extended beyond the sexualized values of our culture and into a territory of deeper attraction. In these stories is a trend of the fascination with masculinity, and the reality that boys must act like boys and conform to gender roles. There was, at some age, a realization of being different, of not following unspoken rules of conformity. Some acted like girls or were called…
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