Examples Of My Vision For America's Future

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My vision for America is to make America a better place for future generations to come. Now I ask all of you this question, do we have to worry about America’s future? I believe we do for many reasons, corruption, the fact that we have no respect for other countries, the media, bullying, anti patriotism, and cheaters. Once we begin to change these things, America can return to being the greatest country on Earth. For starters, corruption, our country is full of it. The definition of corruption is “dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power.” Now this could be by bribery, which in most cases it is in America. We don’t take pride in our own self accomplishment anymore. We pay off people to do our work for us. Even within our own government we see corruption. People with money just need to wave it in someones face and they’re good to go. The other item of business dealing with our government would be our president trying to change our amendments that the founding fathers originally wrote back in 1791. The only thing that should be allowed to be done to amendments is editing them, but you should not be able to completely get rid of an amendment. The media and having no respect for any country other than ourselves go together as one. We will constantly …show more content…

First thing we would have to do would be to get rid of the corruption, this could be by impeaching the president for trying to eliminate certain amendments or possibly by having people do their own work. The next thing we would have to do would be to tone down on our media, we cannot be constantly bashing on other countries. And next would be to make people who are on welfare who can actually work work, and to get welfare you have to do a mandatory drug test. And lastly we need to pay more attention to bullying and stop

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