My World View Has Changed Dramatically Since I Was The Middle School

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My world view has changed dramatically since I was in middle school. In seventh grade my world went from a “good one” to “is this really what the world’s like?”. In seventh grade, my “friend”, someones kid that went to school with my mom, had claimed that my step dad had touched her butt. Everyone knew she had a crush on him but her parents decided to take him to court because she was a minor and he wasn’t. Before court there was, of course, a investigation from the local police department. The night that had been claimed as the night he had “touched her butt”, there was a ton of us there including some of my actual friends and neighbors. The police questioned the parents, whom of which one said nothing happened and the other who wasn’t there said something did, the so called victim, and the “criminal” or my step dad. They did not question my mom, me, my sister, my friend, or even the neighbors whom total four.
Well the lawyer who was appointed to him had told him that he had to plead guilty not only for his family but because if she had gone up on the stand and started crying, he would, most likely, end up facing jail time. But knowing he was the only income to our family, and how him going to jail would affect us, he chose to plead guilty, ignorant of the other outcomes that could have happened if he had a better lawyer, and be put on to the “list”, which is the sex offenders list, for two years. Which had actually stopped most of the things we did as a family, such as

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