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If we are to establish that good writing is made up of basic control of the language that is being written, adherence to conventions of grammar and style, and the ability to present a cogent argument and reasonable support for that argument, I may qualify as a good writer. However, it must be recognized that there is a great deal of distance from simply being good at a subject or task and having developed mastery of the same. Thus, I would argue that while I am a good writer I have yet to cross the threshold of skill that qualifies me as a great writer. Greatness in writing exhibits a level of awareness and development of thought that is rare and hard to achieve. As a product of this class, I would like to find myself closer to that finely …show more content…

A primary strength in my writing is my ability to present a strong argument with clarity and support. Another strength I have in writing is a considerable knowledge of appealing to audiences and I take full advantage of my persuasive nature to create solid arguments. Additionally, I find that my writing is enhanced with an extensive vocabulary and a firm grasp on the English langue. I believe these things, the ability to make a sound argument, a strong capacity to appeal to an audience and firm control of vocabulary and language conventions make me a good …show more content…

Chiefly, I tend to overcomplicate tasks in a variety of applications: writing, working, studying and so on. This proclivity to overcomplicate things makes my writing oftentimes verbose. Verbosity can diminish the impact of writing, especially by disengaging the audience and losing their focus. Additionally, another weakness I have in writing is of the preliminary writing process. I struggle to begin a piece of writing. A painstaking process, I often write the primary draft of a piece five or six times before I reach a product I am willing to work with. This likely is directly related to my tendency to complicate my work. Lastly, my writing also suffers from too singular of a focus. During the writing process, I tend to fixate on a singular viewpoint of a topic. I believe that my writing would be benefit by developing the ability to step back from a topic and evaluate it through a broader lens and looking at the extensive context of the issue I am working with. Allowing myself to this more often would provide far more developed thought and perspective in my writing.
With careful evaluation of my strengths and weaknesses in writing, it is a core objective for me in this class is to achieve more simplicity in my writing, both in the final product and in the approach. Furthermore, as a product of this class, I would like to develop the ability shift my focus of a topic to various viewpoints to enhance my perspective and ultimately

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