Areas Of Strength

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The current areas of strength I have when pertaining to writing and composition skills are—when it comes to writing—I would like to say plentiful. I enjoy writing (it is a passion) and I put in a good amount of time and dedication in writing whenever I can outside of class to strengthen my skills. The specific areas of strengths I believe I possess are set in my knowledge of how to properly format and set up an essay. I understand the dynamics of how to write an essay and furthermore am able to effectively connect ideas and evidence together while providing commentary to back up my claim. Continuing, I enjoy discovering theories and ideas that have not been thought of from short stories and developing a solid claim—which I believe I’m…show more content…
For reasons perhaps unknown, when encountering a prompt I dislike, the time it takes me to develop a solid thesis increases about tenfold. This in turn causes me to sit and ruminate on what I should do and makes me not use the time I possess effectively. Also, most of the time, I have so much I would like to convey that I draw out the length of the essay or response and write too much when I could have conveyed my claim in a short, concise, and equally as powerful manner—but I wish to say more, so I do. Other weaknesses that I have discovered are that (when regarding my own works that I wish to write) I will not complete a story or idea when it becomes stagnant, and instead move too quickly to a new one which results in nothing ever being accomplished (which is obviously a concerning, yet rather normal, attribute of wanting to be an author.) Continuing, a big weakness I possess when it comes to writing is that I can only write my best in certain and particular conditions. In general, writing in the classroom or in any other environment that is not my bedroom or home will result in a significantly lower-quality essay than if I had the opportunity to write it at home. These truths in turn lead to the topic of what I would like to improve in my writing and composition skills and habits—which
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