My Writing For Academic Success

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A learner’s ability to communicate effectively through writing to his/her target audiences is a major prerequisite for academic success. It is also a major pillar of success in one’s career across all areas of practice. Even though, writing clearly is critical to one’s academic and career success, I have not always loved writing. In fact, for a long time I despised writing. At one point, I had a feeling that my writings skills were bound to remain stagnated throughout my life. However, time has proven that I was wrong. My attitude and outlook towards virtually all genres of writing has changed positively. The various helpful methods I have been exposed to by my English teachers through different grades have helped me to improve not only my comprehension and interpretation skills but also my writing skills in general. I contend that, the improvement of my comprehension skills and appreciating the importance of thinking clearly has facilitated the improvement of my writing skills.
Reflection on How My Writing Has Grown
Since my initial writing assignments, it is apparent that my writing has dramatically improved. Initially, virtually all of my writing was largely descriptive. However, irrespective of how the writing was descriptively exciting, my essays lacked a coherent structure and organization. They were like a shapeless cake without layers. They lacked the right coherency that enables a reader to understand a piece of writing in a proper order.
As time went by and I took

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