My Writing For Class Thinking

Decent Essays

I first signed up for the class thinking it would be an easy way to go ahead and get the English requirement done with for my degree audit. However, I found that this class was more than just a requirement. It brought light to what being a good writer was and how to produce good writing. At the beginning of the semester, I assumed that this was going to be similar to other English classes that I have taken in the past. I thought we would be writing using textbook formats or ways that I had been taught in the past. I thought that the professor would have the same outlook on the course and how assignments should be completed, compared to other English courses. I was wrong. After taking this course, I look back at the writer that I was at the beginning of the course compared to the end. I have changed significantly as a writer. I am able to look at different writing assignments and determine that each assignment is unique. Meaning, not all writing assignments can be composed or formatted the same. I have instilled in myself that you do not have to write the way the textbook teaches. The freedom to write in your own fashion and still successfully complete the assignment makes someone a good writer and produces good writing. This was one of the biggest challenges that I had throughout the semester. The first assignment, the interview collage that we had to do was something that I hated. It was not the work that I had to put into the project that I hated, but the style the

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