Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Analysis

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator over the years has become an extremely popular test among the average individual and the large business corporations. It fascinately breaks down people’s personality and gives them a rough code for how their brain function and what they are more inclined to do depending on the circumstances. Despite the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator large popularity there are many stipulations and suspicions about the credibility of the test. The two major arguments that are presented in David Pittenger’s article Cautionary comments regarding the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are large businesses using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test as a tool to indicate who should be hired for particular jobs and accersey of test results, especially when the individual takes the test again and…show more content…
It was discovered that too often those who would take the test multiple times would get different test results. Clearly this made Pittenger question the accuracy of the test. There is a flaw to his argument though. What Pittenger neglects to take into consideration is that most individual in today’s world are lacking one thing, self reflection. If lacking self reflection individuals will be mostly unaware of their tendencies which will result in inaccurate testing. Longing to be Different Another aspect that Pittenger does not take into consideration is the fact that many people answer the questions on how they wish they were or how others perceive them. This ties directly back into the last point for if people are mostly unaware of themselves of course they would answer and lean towards qualities they wished they possessed or that others projected onto them. There will never be accurate test results and the results will waver if the individual conducting the test does not answer honestly of who they really
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