Mysteries Of The Mind Analysis

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After conducting a close reading of Victor Davis Hanson’s article, Monasteries of the Mind, I came to the consensus that he provided many plausible and thought-provoking arguments regarding the political climate in the United States right now. He asserts in the article that in recent months there has been a double standard from what was accepted and praised during the Obama administration and and what is looked down upon in the Trump administration. In fact, Hanson accentuated that, “There is now something called the ‘Resistance,’ which by its nomenclature poses that its opposition to Trump is reminiscent of European partisan resistance to Hitler” [1]. I find this accusation to be a bit extreme, because while many of his policies anger and offend …show more content…

Civilization continues to be indolent and naive and real change will never come about, because people are too stubborn to ever change their ways and believe that their problems can be solved with someone else’s help. However, this help will never come, because of the never-ending cycle of laziness that embodies many Americans. Speaking of American’s indolence, I was taken aback by Hanson’s assertion of sports and media with the general public, “Instead, they have checked out mentally from American popular entertainment, sports, and the progressive cultural project in general” [1]. This was shocking because I would think that more and more people are getting sucked into this dry form of entertainment, because of their intruding laziness. Yes, there are certainly people who are beginning to realize there are changes to be made to the country, however, I think that the majority of citizens are still blind to the truth. Furthermore, I strongly disagree with Hanson’s statement associated and directed towards Colin Kaepernick who back in August of 2016 refused to stand for the national anthem, “as a $20-million-per-annum, mediocre, and pampered quarterback refuses to stand for the National Anthem”

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