Mysteries in the Life of Edgar Allan Poe

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While many are just legends, our dear poets life has many different tales. There are endless stories, and little truths. While it may be hard finding the stories in the writer’s life, they are not impossible. Edgar Allan Poe’s life was anything but easy. Most of his life was spent heartbroken and alone. He was a man gifted with amazing talent but the world failed to recognize his talents until after his death. Many believe he was psychotic in some way, others argue that he was just misunderstood and heartbroken. While many of his stories may have been very dark and twisted, there is little to no scientific evidence of his mental instability. His life story, his mind and his thought process have fascinated many people for years. His psychotic tendencies are believed to be one of the most influential circumstances in his writing. Crazy or not, Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favorite poets and writers ever. His life story is fascinating and the way he communicates through writing is amazing.
While his mental issues aren’t evident scientifically, the fact that he was surrounded by such tragedy almost his entire life may have had an impact on his writing. David Poe first met Elizabeth Arnold in Virginia. The young actress and the reputable man soon were engaged and quickly married. After only a few years of marriage David Poe died. He left behind a widow and 3 children. William Henry Poe Rosalie Poe, and…

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