Mythology Is So Much More Than A Collection Of Stories

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Ah but you see that is where you are wrong, mythology is so much more than a collection of stories. Mythology covers topics passed down through generations that all offer life lessons and morals to live by. Mythology is a way for different cultures and religions across the world to stay connected. While each group might have different practices they are often done for the same reasons- from rites of passage into adult hood to the afterlife, common myths are used in countless different places with their special twist, so to speak, put on them. These stories are vibrant and radiate strong messages which helps us all to incorporate them into our everyday lives. The very word Mythology encompasses a great deal. In fact, there are four different categories that these stories can fall under. The first being Cosmic Myths; "the study of the order of the universe as a whole" (13). This category holds stories from creation, in which we are given context based on the culture/ religion it is coming from, to the end of the world, where we are able to relate physical decay with the immortality of human consciousness. These stories give us a purpose and larger perspective on the universe itself. There are also the Myths of the Gods. Regardless of which god is being talked about they are all seen as immortal; "they are personified rejects of the human myth maker 's dream of overcoming the inevitable effects of the physical laws that require death and disintegration" (87). In short the

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