Essay on Myths Surrounding Innovation

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“There are myths surrounding creativity. The intangible nature of creativity does not lend itself to easy definition”.


The intangible nature of creativity does not have a specific definition for it. However, creativity can refer to many things that differ and which also over laps many other elements. (jjenna: 2003). “creativity is defined as the tendency to generate or recognize idea, alternatives, or possibilities that may be used to solving problems, communicating with other, and entertaining ourselves and others”(Robert E. Franken: 2002). It also depends on the nature of the person what are his/her characteristics, thinking power and the artistic ability. It is said that managers equate innovation with creativity, …show more content…

However I believe people tend to realize their creativeness after a certain age, when they are free are figure out what they enjoy doing enables them to bring out their creativeness and draw up a picture in their mind. People get de motivated after listening to people saying ‘it’s too late or you have passed that age’ which makes them even more less confidence which does not let them become creative.
“One is never too old to succeed in life” – Anna Mary Robertson Mosses

The third myth states that “Alcohol and Drugs will make you more creative” (Thérèse Cator: creative minds). I personally don’t believe that’s true: people have a psychological effect that makes them feel that when they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol they became creative. It is proven to be shown that people under the influence of drugs and alcohol become creative only because the stimulants creates the illusion of creativity (Mark Smith – 2010). This makes people feel that they are creative and this creativity of theirs does not remain for long and can stifle. I believe the idea of being creative after consuming alcohol and drugs tempts musicians and artists to try and instead results in an early loss of life or when they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol their behaviour changes and also takes them into deeper thoughts convincing them to suicide or overdose

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