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The NEA is an organization that helps artist and community enjoy and publish art by donating and exhibiting pieces of art that is approved by their own company . Artist that work for the NEA are proud workers as well as proud co workers that do things they love everyday. Donations are made by the NEA and have helped organizations tremendously and efficently. Although, the NEA has good intentions others disagree. The placement of donations goes to only organizations that meet the NEA requirements and one requirement has brought hatred and disapproval too many organizations, citizens, and artist. People of all kind enjoy different art and expect art to leave a different impression and lesson for everyone . Agreement and disagreement towards …show more content…

Agreement and disagreement towards art is a right , if you don’t like a certain art just simply ignore the master piece the artist has created. Allan Parachini in “NEA issues new obscenity guidelines arts” which explains the reasons of the NEA guidelines quotes “Including, but not limited to, depictions of sadomasochism, homoeroticism, the sexual exploration of children or individuals engaged in sex acts" which will not receive funding from the NEA . The governmant has good reasons of not donating to certain charities , due to the fact they don't want images under their name being hate on with words of disgust .The NEA now requires grantees to sign a paper saying that they won’t "create" any art that is repugnant .The government is responsible for funding the “right” fundraisers, which might cause problems due to the requirement of expressing art of nudity . David cole in "the culture war;when governments is a Critic." talks about the governments role in the controversial art , "the inquistion,which tried the painter Paolo Veronese in 1573 for his allegedly sacrilegious depiction of the Last Supper." This artist is very talented and courageous , his piece is considered historic as it has been alive for 444 year’s. It’s disrespectful to question the art of an artist who’s work is being assaulted just because of how it is designed. The exposed art of

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