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Every day we see art whether it is a pattern, sculpture, or even a picture. Art is everywhere. For artists to show their work they would go under the government process of the NEA. This program is wonderful on what they do with art. The government funding of art through the NEA is beneficial which helps art programs increase with money donations, the right to express your freedom, and lastly to show the public what they are wanting to see. The NEA helps art programs increase with money donations. The source to back this up is source F “Fiscal Year 2004 funding.” This great example shows you the facts sheet of how much the NEA program helps donate to the art culture spending over $100,000 dollars. To prove this point from the fact …show more content…

The NEA wants the artist to express how they feel by showing it with their art. In source C “NEA Issues New Obscenity Guidelines Arts” Parachini, Allen explains that, “The NEA action may have been intended to both placate a disgruntled arts community, and to create the appearance for endowment political critics that the NEA acted decisively to define what constitutes obscene art it will refuse to fund.” The point here is the NEA wants the community and citizens let their artists and art programs express how they feel with the love and dedication they have in mind. The NEA defends and will do the best they can do to make sure an art goes up that is under the program. They will also try not to let the art go down due to someone having a disturbance on the work. That is the reason why the NEA allows their art program to express how they feel. Now, the NEA wants to show the audience what they have developed. They want the audience to be entertained by the gorgeous amount of work of the art. The NEA also limits the graphics of nudity to show the public. According to Parachini, Allen in source C, “including, but not limited to, depictions of sadomasochism, homoeroticism, and the sexual exploitation of children or individuals engaged in sex acts.” Relating to the NEA it states to not let the children or public feel discouraged to have

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