Naive Assimilation Theory In Education

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Sociologist Frederic Thrasher, for instance, blamed the Americanization process as the “source of criminal behavior” (Selig). His belief was based on the suggestion that the way in which second-generation students are assimilated into American culture loosens ties with their native-cultural background and they lose the feeling of being controlled by their traditions and customs. Second-generation students were blamed for not being able to integrate into society accordingly, therefore they were denied proper education and equality rights. However, schools were perpetuating a Naive Assimilation Theory, which assumed that minority groups would instantly forget about their traditions and origin and would be ready to integrate completely into American life. It was not the fault of the student for not becoming an asset to society, instead, they were trapped into an education system that kept on marginalize them. These schools were judging students by their performance of American cultural standards and conduct, however they were not providing effective means to merge both the student’s native culture and American culture. Students were expected to settle for what was offered to them, but they were left behind in a cycle of family disintegration and identity loss. Furthermore, American culture was never challenged to incorporate other cultural identities and customs to change its original basis. Different minority groups were not allowed to contribute into the construction of
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