Nancy Drew : A Positive Feminist Role Model

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Young girls have been reading Nancy Drew for eighty-seven years, she is a staple in most households with elementary age girls. For me, Nancy represented everything I wanted to be at 18, she was intelligent, fearless, beautiful, and she had a car. I never compared myself to Nancy, she was what I aspired to be and what I expected to be when I grew up. She was one of the first feminist role models I had as a child and I believe she was pivotal to my foundation as an independent, outspoken woman. I see Nancy herself as a positive feminist role model, however, the series itself does not portray women in a positive light, all the other female characters in the series besides Nancy are problematic. One aspect about Nancy that I admired as a child was her independence, although she was only 18 see had an extraordinary amount of freedom in my eyes. The fact that Nancy had her own vehicle was instrumental for her ability to do what she wanted. “Why don’t we drive out there now in my car?” (The Ghost of Blackwood Hall, 7) Nancy was able to decide on the spot to leave and go seek out clues. As a child, you do not have the opportunity and authority to go anywhere you want; those decisions lie with your parents. Nancy does not need to rely on someone else to drive her around nor does she require anyone’s permission to leave, she decides for herself. “I’ll pick up my friends and drive out now to see if the crossed twigs are still there” (41). Even now, getting a car is a huge step

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