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[pic] LITT11234G - Graphic Novels: the invisible art Wired Comics: a Comic Casebook, or a Collaborative Comic This assessment opportunity is worth 20% of your final grade Collaborative Comic For this assignment, you are also welcome to create a short comic of your own. You may do this in a small group. Your comic should be in either black and white or in colour. Please consider the following for your group submission: ✓ Your work is a minimum of two A4 pages (at the very least) if you are working manually. Your work must be saved as a PDF so that it can upload to SLATE, and be downloaded for evaluation. If you are using an online tool to create a comic then you should also save the result as a PDF, which, again,…show more content…
Though the |This effort has not met the requirements of this|This effort does not meet expectations for this | |talents of individuals in the group. There is a |comic could be longer, to tell a more complete |course. Visuals are weak, or muddy, and it may |assignment. Visual work is weak, or sloppy, and| |sustained high quality to line and composition, |story, this effort is satisfactory. Line and |be difficult to follow the comic’s main |it is not saved in the correct format. There is| |as well as a clearly interesting use of |colour (if used) are executed with skill. At |assertions/ideas as the visual style and use of |little evidence that the group has undertaken | |panelling and bleeds to make the work visually |least two different types of transitions are |gutters is weak, or needs revision, to make this|this collaborative opportunity with sufficient | |compelling. At least two-three types of |used in the construction of this comic. The |comic communicate itself more clearly. |effort to be
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