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Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte is considered to be one of the greatest conquers and captains of modern times. In history perhaps no one person has ever aroused so many intense opposite emotions. Perhaps no one had ever claimed as much of the admiration, fear, and hatred of all men as did Napoleon. Napoleon was a man with many sides. He started many of his challenging voyages and defeats as a young child and they continued throughout his life. He had many accomplishments and many defeats that affect the world in which we live. Napoleon plays a very big part in history.

Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15, 1769, at Ajaccio, in Corsica. His parents were Charles Marie Bonaparte and Marie-Letizia Ramolino who also
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He led his army on a famous march where he defeated the Austrians. Along with peace in Europe Napoleon did other things to help the French people. One of the biggest and most well known is the revision of many French laws into codes. One of the most famous codes, Code Napoleon, still forms the basis of the federal civil law today.

After many years of dictatorship, Napoleon was growing very restless with simply governing France. He believed he could help the French better if the people would give him the power to do so. During this time he was warring with many countries. After proving to France that he was a strong leader by defeating many troops Napoleon was voted the emperor of France in 1804 by the French Senate and the people. Later that year Napoleon was able to crown himself. After becoming the emperor in 1804 Napoleon was unstoppable. He was out to protect and please the people of his country. He was able to defeat almost any barrier set in his way. He defeated many countries such as Austria, Russia, and Prussia. After each victory Napoleon continued to enlarge his empire.

In 1806 Napoleon began to feel very powerful and important, thinking everything would always go in his favor. That year he issued two decrees, the Berlin Decree and then the Milian Decree. He did not realize that both of these decrees were the beginning of his fall from power. In 1808 the Peninsular War broke

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