Nariobi's Vehicle Pollution

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Nairobi’s Vehicle Pollution and the Lack of Public Transportation

Kenya, like many other developing countries in Africa, is experiencing a rapid growth of urbanization. Many cities and towns have grown in population size and have also expanded spatially to form huge metropolitan regions. The rapid urbanization also generates a lot of economic and environmental problems and challenges. Nairobi is one such metropolitan region that follows this trend in Kenya. With the demand for cars in Kenya rising every day, so is the level of air pollution. Vehicles contribute to this evil at a very high level. But there are ways of helping reduce the amount of pollution caused by car emissions. The gases expelled from petrol engine cars contain carbon …show more content…

The Park is located within the city of Nairobi, which is the only city in the world to have a large assemblage of wildlife in its metropolis. The park is a major rhino sanctuary and supports the second largest animal migration after the Masaai Mara. The benefits of the park include recreation, environmental education, employment and income generation. The park is also an important carbon sink for Nairobi. However, too much carbon can harm the vegetation. In recent years, the parks’ surrounding land area has been sold to private landowners (Gakuo 29). Changing land use and subdivision of land are diminishing animal biodiversity and reducing wildlife migratory corridors. Human-wildlife conflicts have thus arisen while air pollution and poor waste management from human activity are compounding the situation (Gakuo 29). The city’s poor air quality is migrating to the wildlife’s environment without any habitat consideration. By developing conservation education programs for communities and collaborative institutions, citizens will be able to recognize their environmental influences when using motor vehicles. To resist further damaging effects, collectively, the city of Nairobi needs to take serious action and find a way to limit the amount of vehicles constantly using the roads.
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