Narrative Essay About A Tough Move

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A Tough Move It was a bright and sunny day. All the kids from ages 2-12 were outside playing and enjoying in the sun. The other middle schoolers and high schoolers were sitting inside their house in their room and texting their friends or “doing homework”. My mom says that with this much technology people have stopped communicating with their voices and are now always texting. I was in my room doing my weekend homework, when my dad rang the family discussion bell and me and my brother Logan came down and sat around the family discussion spot. No one spoke and it started to feel awkward. However I didn’t have the courage to talk and break the silence. Logan took his phone out and started texting his friends. Mom finally broke the silence by saying, “How is your weekend so far?” She usually says somethings like “how’s your day”, “how is your weekend”, or “how are you doing with your life” when she doesn’t know how to start a conversation between people. “Really good,” I said actually starting the conversation. “So why did you call us here?” My mom and dad sighed and looked at eachother and my dad said, “We have to … move. My work got moved to Seattle.” I was shocked, I had to have misheard him, “I’m sorry dad, but could you please repeat that.” “We going to have to move to Seattle,” my dad repeated. Now I probably heard him right, but moving from Miami, Florida to Seattle, Washington. Where did dad’s job find a place across the world, I thought, if we’re actually moving, then my best friend, my school, my favorite ice cream shop, and my favorite library would all go away. I really couldn’t believe it. “So we’re moving from here to Seattle, Washington,” I said almost shouting. “What about Cass, the ice cream, the warm weather, the beach, the library, and the swamps and marshes. Where would all that go? Disappear into thin air?” My mom sighed and looked at me, “We know that this would be hard for the two of you, but we need to be there by Monday. Dad and I already booked the tickets and we’re leaving on Sunday. We’ve already packed our stuff and all you guys have to do is pack your stuff and say all the goodbyes today. We also got you guys out off school.” “WE’RE ARE LEAVING ON SUNDAY,” Logan shouted.
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