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It was four in the morning on the lake of Sandstone Minnesota Grindstone Lake. My Brother Gavin and I went out on the lake in a little john boat to go fishing. We had real heavy action fishing rods and reels. We do not usually use bait just Luers, But today we had decided to use both. So we drive out to the middle of the lake, It is about 230 feet deep. So we catfish rig are lines with a half pound weight and some rotting deer liver as well as brain. It smelled so bad it had made Gavin fall out of the boat. I tried and tried to get him back into the boat for a good twenty minutes or so, Not realizing that I could just use the electric anchor. So I lowered the anchor and got him to step onto it and then I raised it up.…show more content…
Sure enough, he was ready to go but he thrashed at us like a shark and does not swim away like most fish do. He would follow us around in the water. We saw him start attacking other fish that went by him which was weird because sturgeon eat clams and things of that nature, Not fish. We just ignored it and went back out to catch more fish It was 8:00 am at this point. So the sun was shining. But this time when we went out we did not go nearly as deep we stayed shallow like ten feet or so. We were using jerk baits fishing for bass and walleye nothing rare. So as soon as we got our lines out we both get a bite. So we set our hooks and reel as hard as possible. We get the fish close to the boat and they both jump at the same time. We thought for sure they were going to get off if that happened again so we reeled in harder. Sure enough, they jump again but they don't get off and they are close enough to the boat to net them. So Gavin gives me his pole and he nets both of the fish. They were tiger muskies one of the rarest types of fish in the lake other than sturgeon and paddlefish! They were not big for muskie only like 2 in a half feet long and 9 to 15lbs. But they were really pretty fish and
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