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My Graduation Graduation day is something many people will never forget. One of my biggest moments in my life was the day of graduation and the weeks leading up to it. It was one of the most exciting but nerve-racking moments in my high school years. Hearing my name being called to receive my diploma made things so surreal. I realized I was walking toward a new beginning in life and at that moment I realized how fast time had past. I was no longer a child anymore. The weeks leading up to graduation felt as if they could not go any slower. There was so much anticipation building up in all of the seniors, it seemed as if graduation was all that anyone could talk about. I remember sitting in English class with my friends and listening to …show more content…

I knew they were thinking “Our little girl is all grown up now.” Arriving to the ceremony staff members separated up into groups, we knew the moment had finally come. We all got into single file line and entered into the stadium and were seated in our seats. The ceremony started and row by row our names were being called. It was my rows turn to walk up to the podium. As I was walking my nerves began to kick in and my best friend turned around and said “ Aujanee we did it!” I looked at her with a smile and said “ I know!” as I watched her walk across the stage I knew I was next and then I went. “ Aujanee Unique Gotell-Askew” said I principal, and with the brightest smile I walked up and received my diploma. I was so happy that high school was over for me, but also sad that it was my last time I would see some of my classmates. Now that we had graduated it was time for the class of 2011 to celebrate together for the last time. Our school had planned for our grad night to be on a boat called the Hornblower in San Diego. Around eight O'clock that night we had all met at our school gym to check in and get on buses, and off we went. After an hour and a half of riding on a bus to San Diego we had finally arrived and we knew it was time to have fun and party and that is what we did! Graduation was not only an exciting experience

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