Narrative Essay On Multiple Personality Disorder

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When she said that, something inside of me made me just snap. I charged at her fast and hard taking her down to the ground. In that moment of panic, I slammed her head into the floor over and over again until I had felt her head split open and felt her last breath leave her body. What have I done? I stood up, it was me, I killed Olivia and Kaylee and now Paisley. I don’t understand how I could’ve killed them though, it just wasn’t like me at all. I was thinking about going to jail and I just couldn’t, there is no way I would be able to survive that place. Now the cops have arrived and I had no clue where to go. I just knew that I could never let them catch me. I bolted out of the back door and ran as fast as I could. I never turned my back until I knew that I was long gone from that place. Once I had finally stopped to catch my breath, something made absolute and complete sense now. …show more content…

I always denied my behavior because I never knew that I was even doing anything wrong. She had me tested to see if there was anything wrong with me and sure enough there was. I was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. Nothing like this has ever happened since I was a child. I just tried forgetting what I had been diagnosed with and moved on. That’s exactly what I did, my behavior was so much better and I got treatment for it until I had decided that I didn’t need it anymore. This is why I never knew that I was doing these harmful actions toward my best friends that I absolutely loved and adored. I was back to the old me and I didn’t like it. Instead of getting help from my family, I decided to just keep running and to never be found. I’m going to have a new identity now and I’m never going back to the old Ava or my town ever

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