Narrative Essay On My First Day In High School

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My freshman year in high school was the rough compared to the normal high school things. On August 12, 2013, I almost lost my best friend; he had smoked for twenty some years when he had a devastating heart attack. I remember the fear and the thoughts of death that made my skin shiver. It was the second week of school on Tuesday when I got a pass at the beginning of my World History class when I got a pass with immediately circled three or four times. The pass made me very confused considering I didn’t know of any appointments I had, and I didn’t ask my mom if I could go home early. Leaving the class and entering the empty hall, thinking about what’s going on as my footsteps echoing through the halls. What’s going on? Why would I be leaving this close to the end of school? As I walked past the office to my locker, I saw my mom with red eyes and purple bags under her eyes. At that moment, my stomach flipped and knotted up, because it’s at that moment when I realized something very wrong has happened. My pace quickened to the point of almost running; shoving my French one book and Algebra one in my backpack before sprinting to my mom. She met me by the big glass doors in the lobby of the office; laying a hand on my shoulder she told me my dad had a major heart attack. I had felt my body instinctively lunged toward the door, but my mom held my shoulder tight. As we walked to the car, my sister was in the front seat with her hair all messy in a bun and in her pajamas. She

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