Narrative Essay On The American Dream

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The American Dream
More than 11 million people in the United States have migrated from all around the world. People decide to migrate for many reasons such as living in poverty, no education, and lack of opportunities. They all have the same dream of striving in life for their future and well being. One of those millions of people was my mother. She took the courage and bravery of leaving all that meant the world to her, move forward and migrating into a new country. From leaving Mexico to Illinois, and now residing in California, her journey was a quite a ride. My mother’s journey has been something that has changed her life and she is forever grateful she took this big step.
My mother is from a family of five, her being the youngest female
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It was such a surreal moment for my mother but with the help of my father and the great immigrant lawyer everything worked out. She doesn’t have to live in the fear of being questioned about her residency anymore or getting rejected by employment that ask for proof. She never gave up and kept going to provide for her family that consists of 4 people including herself. She decided to go back to working after me and my sister had the right age to assist each other. Till this day she continues to grow at the company she's been working for four years and she's the happiest she has ever felt. Knowing she has done so much for her family back home and her own family here is the biggest gift she has received. She has proven that no matter what race, your income, where you come from, starting from nowhere, having nothing, if you believe you can change yourself for the better of your future you can achieve it as long as you keep trying and never give up. This is something I always try to remind myself. We are all humans trying find the same thing so being illegal or legal doesn’t define
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