Narrative Essay : Valentine's Day

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It’s Valentine’s Day and I replay the scene from a year ago in my mind. Just like a referee, I examine the play closely to determine exactly what happened that fateful day. My husband was packing. He came out of the bedroom and bounced down the steps like a child beginning summer vacation. Engrossed in my thoughts, I jump when the phone rings. At the other end a familiar voice said, “Just called to invite you to spend Valentine’s Day with our family.” Embarrassed I stumbled over my words, “I can’t. The memory of a year ago is still too raw. Anyway, I don’t want to intrude on your celebration. I will bring everyone down.” The young mother answered, “It is not an intrusion. The kids are excited and you can’t disappoint them. Besides Valentine’s Day is about love and we love you.” As I hung up the phone, my gloomy mood started to dissipate. I wish my former counselor heard this call. We had been talking for the last three weeks about ways to possibly save the marriage, but at this visit I tell her that he moved out and I was ready to accept that the marriage is over.We discussed many things during that office visit; however, right before I left she looked at me and said, “You are single now. The women in your church will see you as a threat to their marriage. A support system is important, but you probably need to find it elsewhere.” Devastated by my husband’s leaving I was searching for advice on how to cope and move on. Were my ears deceiving me? Did this Christian

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