Narrative Psychology Focuses on the Ways People Use Stories to Understand the World

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Narrative Psychology:
Narrative psychology builds upon broad interdisciplinary and scholarly basics that extend into the humanities as well as the social and natural sciences. Psychologists who come from more outdated arenas of psychological study are challenged with significant obstacles when moving toward narrative approaches: there are multiple spheres of knowledge that relate to narrative but may be totally unfamiliar to them. At least three basic areas which narrative psychologists can discover to better understand this perspective involve (1) the work done in the civilizations by narrative theorists in poetry and disapproval; (2) philosophical voices, such as Paul Ricoeur’s, which suggest narrative as constitutive of human personhood; and (3) social scientists in psychology and related fields who offer bases in which narrative is fundamental to the understanding of human behavior and working.
It focuses on “the ways in which people make and use stories to understand the world”. Does NOT treat narratives as stories that transfer a set of facts about the world, and is not principally interested in whether stories are ‘true’ or not (so is closer to public constructionism than positivist approach).It views narratives as social products that are formed by people in the context of precise social, historical and ethnic locations. It views narratives as explanatory devices through which people represent themselves and their worlds to themselves and to others. Narrative

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